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Adventure for mind and emotion

Embark on a journey of life lessons that will take you back to reflect on self-understanding, emotions, and actions towards others, leading to personal growth as confident adults capable of self-reliance in a new world full of challenges.

All images and videos on the website were recorded at Cubic Creative events.

Nature Adventure

Experience the natural beauty of Nantan, a small town in Kyoto, to learn about a lifestyle that harmonizes with nature. Campers will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the tranquil activities and atmosphere, inviting them to further discover and understand themselves.

The Farm

Learn integrated farming, where you will explore various processes involved in farming, ranging from animal husbandry to vegetable cultivation and harvesting. Additionally, you will gain knowledge on processing and utilizing the farm’s produce to prepare delicious meals for yourselves in the future.

Power of Senses

Experience the power of sensory perception through activities that awaken every nerve, enabling you to explore and understand your own sensations as well as those of objects and people around you. You will also learn various tools that can be utilized to gain self-awareness in different aspects that you may have never been conscious of before.

The Forest

Learn how to harness the benefits of the forest for various aspects of daily life, such as preparing firewood for traditional Japanese bathing rituals. Additionally, gain knowledge on sustainable forest conservation practices to ensure the long-term utilization of forest resources.

Power of Choices

Join in a fun workshop where campers will create interactive stories, exploring the importance of decision-making and its impact on our lives from unexpected angles that we have never considered before.

Reflection on the River of Life

Embark on a journey along the path of memories, reflecting on the stories and experiences that have shaped your life. Join in to learn and understand the narratives within the stream of your own life, from the past to the present.

The Cooking

Experience a fun and interactive session of making traditional Japanese mochi with the locals while also coming together to unleash your creativity in crafting your own signature pizza using local ingredients from start to finish.

The Crafting

Experience the connection between nature and human culture as you engage in the creation of diverse art forms using a variety of natural materials. Learn skills for working with different woodworking tools while immersing yourself in the beauty of nature that surrounds you.

Nature Adventure activity highlights

City Adventure

Embark on an adventure in Osaka that blends technology and cultures. Encounter activities that will enable participants to learn self-reliance in a vibrant and unfamiliar city. From navigating public transportation to engaging in conversations and immersing oneself in the local culture.

The Great Osaka Race

Embark on an exciting adventure in the thrilling scavenger hunt from Cubic Creative. Join together to explore the magnificent city of Osaka as you take on numerous challenging missions. Compete with other teams in real-time, using iPads to hunt for hidden treasures and uncover the city’s fascinating landmarks. Along the way, immerse yourself in the rich culture and history of this magnificent metropolis.

Osaka Family Dinner Visit

Experience authentic and immersive Japanese culture by joining a traditional Japanese family for a delightful dinner. Indulge in homemade dishes prepared by local people themselves and receive a warm welcome from the family. This extraordinary experience cannot be found through ordinary sightseeing.

Power of Empathy

Explore and understand the differences among people and develop empathy towards others through unique cultural art projects inspired by Japanese traditions. Engage in activities that are unlike any other and create meaningful souvenirs to share with your family members as a heartfelt gift.

Home Cooking Challenge

Challenge campers to create their own culinary masterpieces and rely on their own skills and creativity. Starting from selecting the ingredients to preparing various dishes, this activity aims to build your confidence in living independently. Our experienced staff will be there to provide guidance and ensure campers’ safety throughout the process.

Osaka Night Adventure

Experience the enchanting city of Osaka at night by planning and exploring on your own. Collaborate with friends to come up with a travel itinerary that suits your interests. Our team will provide close supervision and ensure your safety throughout the journey, prioritizing your well-being at all times.

Freestyle Adventure

Gain confidence in navigating and experiencing life abroad by taking the opportunity to explore the city of Osaka on their own. During their special free time, they’ll have the freedom to choose their own travel destinations and be responsible for their own transportation and communication with locals, fostering independence and self-reliance. Rest assured, our team will be there to provide close supervision and ensure their safety throughout the journey.

City Adventure activity highlights


This table is an overview of activities. The travel itineraries and schedules will be clearly communicated to the campers approximately one month before the first day of each camp session.

Flight: BKK – KIX
Travel to Nantan, KyotoIcebreakingPower of Senses
The FarmThe CookingPower of Choices
The ForestThe CraftingReflection on the River of Life
Wrap-up: Nature AdventureTravel to OsakaOsaka Family Dinner Visit
Power of EmpathyThe Great Osaka RaceThe Cooking Challenge
Freestyle AdventureFreestyle AdventureOsaka Night Adventure
Wrap-up: City AdventureFlight: KIX – BKK
Please note that activities may be subject to change due to operational reasons or unforeseen circumstances.


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Cubic Challenger Camp JP 6

7 – 14 October 2023 for children aged 12 – 19 with a total of 12 campers.
Total duration: 8 days, 7 night

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Watch the campers’ learning journal videos from previous sessions of Cubic Challenger Camp JP

Nong IO’s parent

Cubic Challenger Camp JP 4

After sending my older son to the camp in the previous session, I decided to send my younger son, IO, to this camp. IO shared that the activities provided a unique experience and taught them self-care, living harmoniously with others, and accepting and understanding the differences of others.

The most impressive activity was “Reflection on the River of Life,” which allowed participants to reflect and contemplate on past experiences in life. Additionally, there were free-style excursions that provided opportunities for independent exploration. These experiences made IO feel more grown-up and confident in dealing with various challenges in life.

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