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Close and professional care

Every camper will receive close care from our experienced and dedicated creative crew members, which has over 20 years of experience in providing exceptional services. Our primary goal is to ensure the well-being and learning experience of all campers. With a high crew-to-camper ratio of 1:3, we can guarantee safe and constructive environments at Cubic Creative Camp.

All images and videos on the website were recorded at Cubic Creative events.

Mentors, not just caregivers

Every group of campers will have dedicated mentors in a ratio of 1:5. These mentors will have no other duty at the camp besides taking care of the campers. From waking up to meals and participating in activities, each caregiver is trained according to the standards of Cubic Creative. They provide close guidance and support throughout the camp.

Our mentors go beyond simply looking after the campers. They also provide guidance during activities and ensure that every camper is fully engaged and learning. Additionally, they strike a balance between providing comfort and facilitating the appropriate level of self-help skills for campers of different ages.

In addition to the mentors, Cubic Creative Camp has a team of creative crew members responsible for organizing activities and taking care of the campers’ well-being. The ratio of crew members to campers is as high as 1:3, ensuring personalized attention and support for each individual camper!

An army marches on its stomach

We believe that good food is a crucial starting point for effective learning. The catering within the camp is carefully organized and closely monitored. Campers will enjoy three main meals and three snacks per day. All meals are planned with consideration for individual dietary restrictions.

The menu within the camp is designed to align with the various activities, catering to taste, satiety, and energy requirements based on each activity’s intensity. It is tailored to suit the needs of the campers and the corresponding activities in the camp schedule.

Perfect venue

This camp is held at the Sirindhorn Science Home (within the NSTDA, near Thammasat University Rangsit Campus), which is a comprehensive youth activity center. The accommodations provide comfortable, air-conditioned rooms with ensuite bathrooms. The facility features a keycard system, separate elevators for males and females, and spacious, modern activity rooms and outdoor areas. Additionally, the camp ensures 24-hour security within the enclosed premises.

In the unlikely event of an emergency, 24-hour emergency vehicles are ready to transport campers to Thammasat University Hospital.

Unparalleled standards of care

At Cubic Creative Camp, the well-being and security of each camper are our top priorities. We tailored every detail of the camp environment to make sure it was a safe space for everyone. Every camper is provided with accident insurance coverage throughout the camp, along with emergency cash reserves for prompt medical treatment in case of emergencies. Our crew members also have contacts for on-call medical consultants who can provide preliminary advice over the phone during emergency situations.

Furthermore, Cubic Creative Camp is the first and only youth camp in Thailand that provides parents with detailed health and safety information to assist in decision-making. We clearly explain the various aspects of caring for campers and our management strategies for potential risk factors within the camp. Our goal is to be transparent and ensure that parents have confidence in the best possible care for their children, surpassing what other institutions can offer.

Inclusion inspires ingenuity

Because we believe that everyone deserves a fun and enjoyable learning experience, we strive to carefully weave every detail of the activities and operations within the camp. Our aim is to ensure that everyone can participate in this camp, even campers with limitations. We have prepared detailed information about factors that may restrict participation in activities, along with special registration rights to compensate for any limitations that may arise through the Cubic Universal Access Program.

To enable children from all social backgrounds to join the camp, we have introduced the Cubic Scholarship Program and the Cubic Provincial Connection Program. These initiatives provide opportunities for children who may have economic constraints or reside outside of Bangkok to receive financial support for camp participation expenses.

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Ready? Let’s go!

Find the latest registration schedule, as well as detailed information about the activities within Cubic Creative Camp, schedule, fee rates, and registration process, by referring to the list below.

Cubic Creative Camp 25

20 – 24 April 2024 for 60 campers.
Junior class: aged 9 – 12
Master class: aged 13 – 16
Activities will be conducted in Thai.
At Sirindhorn Science Home NSTDA

The registration information page is only available in Thai.


Watch the campers’ learning journal videos from previous sessions of Cubic Creative Camp.

Nong Zen’s parent

Cubic Creative Camp 22

In the past, I have been trying to find a camp that can develop EQ for my child. I have attended several camps before, but this is the first one that clearly helps my child’s development.

My child has become more flexible and able to communicate calmly. They have also become more responsible about taking care of themselves. Personally, I believe that communication skills are important, as they will provide more opportunities for my child to build connections in the future.

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