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Reviews from parents

Nong Phuri’s parent

Cubic Creative Camp 22

I appreciate that Cubic Creative provides comprehensive details in explaining various activities, and I see that the program’s curriculum has Yuen, A/Prof, as the advisor, which gives me confidence in sending my child to participate in the activities.

Throughout the camp, my child has learned to adapt and solve problems while working together with others. In the end, they realized that they could not judge a person solely based on their first impression. Personally, as a parent, I have noticed that my child has become more confident in being a good leader and follower.

Nong Karn’s parent

Cubic Creative Camp 22

Cubic Creative Camp stands out not only for its content but also for its focus on skill development and engaging processes that are not boring. As a parent, I have confidence in the professionalism of Cubic Creative, which is why I have decided to enroll my child in this camp.

My child has learned self-care and the ability to adapt to a diverse society with different age groups, including older and younger peers. This experience is preparing them for their teenage years in a positive way. Moreover, the activities have allowed my child to unleash their potential beyond the confines of traditional school learning.

Nong Ink’s parent

Cubic Creative Camp 22

I wanted to find activities to help my child enhance their skills during the school break, so I decided to enroll them in this camp. After completing the camp, my child told me that the activities were designed to be like playing games, but they were games that also developed skills, scientific thinking processes, creativity, and collaboration with others.

Nong Zen’s parent

Cubic Creative Camp 22

In the past, I have been trying to find a camp that can develop EQ for my child. I have attended several camps before, but this is the first one that clearly helps my child’s development.

My child has become more flexible and able to communicate calmly. They have also become more responsible about taking care of themselves. Personally, I believe that communication skills are important, as they will provide more opportunities for my child to build connections in the future.

Nong Tigger’s parent

Cubic Creative Camp 22

The activities in this camp focus on training children to think and solve problems, which are essential skills in today’s world. After completing the camp, I had the opportunity to talk to my child and discovered that in this camp, it was not just about ordinary thinking exercises, but it involved collaborative problem-solving with others. This made my child learn about communication and teamwork, leading to comprehensive development.

Nong Mick’s parent

Cubic Creative Camp 22

After careful consideration of the camp’s safety measures and its ability to promote age-appropriate skills, I decided to let my child participate in the camp activities. Upon my child’s return from the camp, I noticed a significant increase in their self-responsibility, confidence, and critical thinking.

My child shared the challenges they encountered during the activities and how they approached problem-solving. Regardless of whether their decisions were deemed good or not, I believe it was a valuable learning experience for my child to begin making decisions and solving various problems independently.

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