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Ultimate learning activities

Embark on a thrilling world of learning with 12 extraordinary activities that are like no other. Through hands-on learning experiences, these activities aim to holistically develop life skills, problem-solving abilities, and creative thinking in campers.

All images and videos on the website were recorded at Cubic Creative events.

Cubic Battlefield X

Engage in a thrilling simulated battle activity. Each team will be divided into roles between infantry soldiers and the commander. Utilizing water guns as weapons, they must work together to protect their Power Cores in their base while attempting to attack the opposing team’s base. Timing plays a crucial role in replenishing water ammunition and repairing the base amidst the intense atmosphere of realistic sights and sounds that can be found nowhere else.

Learning objectives: strategy planning, time-constrained teamwork, leadership skills, and quick decision-making based on gathered information.

Cubic Millionaire

Cubic Millionaire is a monopoly-style game that everyone is familiar with, but with a twist. In this economic adventure, campers will test their abilities in a colossal-sized board game format. They will engage in tasks such as purchasing land, building houses, auctioning, negotiating, and taking on challenging engineering projects where integrating science and physics knowledge is a must. Who will be the next millionaire at Cubic Creative Camp?

Learning objectives: physics and general engineering, resource assessment and allocation, investment concepts, and risk assessment.

Cubic Mana Racing

Enjoy the game that seamlessly combines the interactive online world with the offline world. In this broomstick riding competition at the magic academy, each team will collect magical stones from wizards in different corners of the offline world. These cards will be used skillfully to assist team members or launch attacks against other teams. Furthermore, since each card is designed to be most effective in specific situations, campers must think critically and make intelligent decisions based on the current circumstances in order to use each card to its maximum potential.

Learning objectives: critical thinking, situation analysis, and team collaboration.

The Operation 203

Players will assume the role of undercover agents who must infiltrate the enemy base, retrieve passwords, and transmit them as secret codes using a color-coded light to the hackers in the headquarters as quickly as possible. Campers will need to design a communication process according to the given instructions in order to accurately, precisely, and swiftly transmit the data.

Learning objectives: combinatorics and grouping, computer data encoding concepts, symbol-based communication, analysis of possible scenarios for problem prevention, and process design.

Cubic Quest

Embark on an adventurous and challenging activity that is unique to Cubic Creative Camp, where a mysterious murder case occurs in a hotel. Who is the real culprit? Campers must participate and uncover the answers together! They will assume roles in a fictional world, engaging in conversations with various characters to gather stories and crucial information. Then, they will analyze and connect the clues to find the answers, all while facing numerous challenging missions. This activity encompasses a fusion of all the acquired skills and knowledge in the fun-filled atmosphere of Cubic Creative Camp.

Learning objectives: observation skills, cause-and-effect thinking, relationship and linkage analysis, deductive reasoning, and inductive reasoning.

Clash of Castles (สงครามพิทักษ์อัครมหาวิมานสวรรค์)

Campers must work together to construct a majestic and sturdy castle capable of withstanding attacks from other teams. They also need to create a launching device that can shoot projectiles to destroy the castles of opposing teams. Campers must strategize and choose their targets wisely, aiming for castles that match the assigned mission’s color to earn points while avoiding castles that have components they are not allowed to attack.

หัวข้อการเรียนรู้: basic physics knowledge related to mechanics, spring force, structure without adhesive materials, resource management in limited supply, proactive operational planning, and decision-making based on comparative advantage according to game theory.

น้องๆ นำขนม และเวเฟอร์หลากสีสัน เพื่อแต่งแต้มจินตนาการ ให้มีความสวยงาม

Candy Wafer Café

Unleash boundless creativity and create delectable works of art with beautifully colored and delicious confectionery. In this activity, campers will transform into confectionery artists, using a variety of vibrant colors to adorn their imaginative creations. The goal is to make their work visually stunning and showcase their artistic expression. Campers will also need to devise captivating presentations to impress the judges and engage the participants.

Learning objectives: artistic design and creation, presentation skills, and critical thinking.

The Rollercoaster (ไหล…ยืด)

Embark on an engineering project filled with excitement and uncertainty. Players must construct a track that allows a marble to flow for the longest possible duration without stopping or falling off. In addition to applying scientific knowledge to create a sturdy structure and achieve the slowest marble flow, this activity involves complex resource management. Players must carefully plan and make well-informed decisions before using any additional materials or equipment, as they come at the cost of points penalty.

Learning objectives: fundamental physics knowledge related to basic mechanics, rolling motion, gravitational forces, unlimited resource management, finding the balance between outcomes and costs, and trade-off decision making.

The Clocksmith

Campers will need to create and decorate a clock in their own style to enhance their learning skills in design and improve their trial and error, experimentation, and problem-solving abilities to achieve the objectives of the project.

Learning objectives: artistic design and creation, and basic crafting tool utilization.

Tree of Life

Challenge the force of gravity by designing a tree structure that is tall and branches out as wide as possible, using limited resources. Find the most efficient point between utilizing resources for height or width to score the highest points.

Learning objectives: basic engineering concepts, general mechanics and materials, particularly the center of gravity, and managing limited resources.

The Concert

On the final night of the camp, we have a celebration to commemorate the success of all the participants. There will be a feast with delicious food and various delightful desserts, as well as a wide selection of beverages. The highlight of the evening is a spectacular concert by the talented individuals from Cubic Creative and Paduppa Studio. They will provide an opportunity for everyone to sing, play, and dance to the fullest, experiencing something truly unique that cannot be found in any other camp.

This extraordinary experience will leave a lasting impression on all the participants, ensuring that they will cherish the lessons learned from this camp for a long time to come.

Camp-long Activity: Cubic World Civilization

Cubic World Civilization is a political simulation game where each group must gather resources from various camp activities and then dynamically negotiate and exchange these resources to gain advantages in different activities, collaborate to build World Wonders or research Technologies to earn points for their team.

Learning objectives: economics, win-win negotiation, assessing situations and making diplomatic decisions, investment and risk analysis, trade-off decision-making, strategic planning, resource management, economics, and modern political systems.


08:30 – 12:0013:00 – 16:3019:00 – 21:00
Check-in / IcebreakingTree of LifeThe Operation 203
The RollercoasterThe ClocksmithCubic Mana Racing
Candy Wafer CaféClash of CastlesCubic Battlefield X
Cubic MillionaireCubic QuestThe Concert
  • Morning exercise activity: 06:30 – 07:15
  • Afternoon recreational activity: 16:30 – 17:30
  • Main meal times: 07:15, 12:00, and 17:30
  • Snack times: 10:15, 14:45, and 21:00
  • Please note that activities may be subject to change due to operational reasons or unforeseen circumstances.

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Cubic Creative Camp 25

20 – 24 April 2024 for 60 campers.
Junior class: aged 9 – 12
Master class: aged 13 – 16
Activities will be conducted in Thai.
At Sirindhorn Science Home NSTDA

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Cubic Creative Camp 22

In the past, I have been trying to find a camp that can develop EQ for my child. I have attended several camps before, but this is the first one that clearly helps my child’s development.

My child has become more flexible and able to communicate calmly. They have also become more responsible about taking care of themselves. Personally, I believe that communication skills are important, as they will provide more opportunities for my child to build connections in the future.

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