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Nong IO’s parent

Cubic Challenger Camp JP 4

After sending my older son to the camp in the previous session, I decided to send my younger son, IO, to this camp. IO shared that the activities provided a unique experience and taught them self-care, living harmoniously with others, and accepting and understanding the differences of others.

The most impressive activity was “Reflection on the River of Life,” which allowed participants to reflect and contemplate on past experiences in life. Additionally, there were free-style excursions that provided opportunities for independent exploration. These experiences made IO feel more grown-up and confident in dealing with various challenges in life.

Nong Gim

Cubic Challenger Camp JP 4

This camp allows us to learn about different cultures, and the various activities help us spend time with ourselves and better understand ourselves. We get to use skills such as planning, discussing, and presenting ideas to our group of friends. It also boosts our confidence in communicating with strangers.

I enjoyed the activity “Reflection on the River of Life” because it provided an opportunity to discuss various life issues from perspectives they hadn’t considered before. They feel that the time is too short and wish to stay in the camp for more than one week.

Nong Pim

Cubic Challenger Camp JP 4

I have attended a camp with Cubic Creative before, and this time in Japan, the camp provided an impressive experience of living with the Japanese people. It deepened my understanding of their culture, especially their sense of order and their willingness to help, even though we communicated in different languages. They made every effort to assist us.

Furthermore, the Nature Adventure session made me feel relaxed and connected with my inner self. It also gave me the opportunity to reflect on things that I often overlook in my daily life.

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